OpenD Essentials

Our atlas of PhD studies: up to date, compact and always expanding.

A PhD is supposed to advance scientific progress. As if that weren’t difficult enough, there are a lot of administrative details to organise as well. With everything you have to deal with, both big and small, you are likely to lose track of things—after all, it’s probably the first time you’re doing a PhD.

That’s where OpenD Essentials can help.

They will help you regain the overview. Short articles summarise what you need to know for each aspect of the PhD process. Gradually, an atlas for doing your PhD will take shape. Just as you can find different maps in an atlas—topographical, political, historical—covering the same region, our atlas will enable you to look at the PhD process from various angles.


Write to us at or contact us on Twitter: @OpenD_Germany or via ou Facebook page. We look forward to hearing your ideas!