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sphere3 Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

A three-dimensional sphere.

Public Member Functions

bit contains (vec3 point)
 Return whether the point is within the sphere.

bit contains (sphere3 sphere)
 Return whether the sphere is within the sphere.

void ensure (vec3 point)
 Resize the sphere to contain the point.

void ensure (sphere3 sphere)
 Resize the sphere to contain the other sphere.

bit isnan ()
 Return whether this has not been initialized.

void set (vec3 center, float radius)
 Assign parameters.

bit overlaps (sphere3 other)
 Return whether this and that sphere overlap one another.

Public Attributes

vec3 center
 Center of the sphere.

float radius
 Sphere radius.

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

sphere3 asphere3 (vec3 center, float radius)
 Create a sphere with the specified parameters.

Member Function Documentation

bit sphere3.overlaps sphere3  other  ) 

Return whether this and that sphere overlap one another.

other The other sphere to test for overlap.
Whether the spheres are within one another's bounds.

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