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box2 Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

A two-dimensional bounding box.

Public Member Functions

void set (vec2 min, vec2 max)
 Assign specific values.

vec2 center ()
 Return the center of the box.

void center (vec2 value)
 Change the center of the box.

bit concontains (vec2 point)
 Return whether this point is conservatively within the box.

bit concontains (box2 box)
 Return whether this box conservatively envelopes b (greater than rather than greater than or equal to) .

bit conoverlaps (box2 box)
 Return whether the box conservatively overlaps the other box.

bit contains (vec2 point)
 Return whether the point is within the box.

bit contains (box2 box)
 Return whether this box fully envelopes b.

vec2 dim ()
 Get the dimensions of the box.

void dim (vec2 value)
 Alter the dimensions of the box without changing the center.

void ensure (vec2 point)
 Ensure that the bounds contain this point.

void ensure (box2 box)
 Ensure that the bounds contain this box.

bit isnan ()
 Return whether this is an uninitialised box.

bit overlaps (box2 box)
 Return whether this box overlaps the other box.

vec2 nearestPoint (vec2 vector)
 Return the nearest point in the box to the vector.

vec2 corner (uint index)
 Return an indexed corner of the box.

char[] toString ()
 Convert to string.

Operator overloading.
box2 add (vec2 value)
 box2 = (box2 + vec2)

box2 addass (vec2 value)
 box2 = (box2 += vec2)

box2 sub (vec2 value)
 box2 = (box2 - vec2)

box2 subass (vec2 value)
 box2 = (box2 -= vec2)

Static Public Member Functions

box2 create (vec2 vector)
 Create the box with a specific value for the starting and ending bounds.

box2 create (vec2 min, vec2 max)
 Create a box with specific values.

box2 fromCenter (vec2 center, vec2 length)
 Create a box by specifying the center and the length of each side.

Public Attributes

vec2 min
 Starting bounds.

vec2 max
 Ending bounds.

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

box2 abox2 (vec2 vector)
 Create a box with a specific bound.

box2 abox2 (vec2 min, vec2 max)
 Create a box with specific bounds.

Member Function Documentation

vec2 box2.corner uint  index  ) 

Return an indexed corner of the box.

index The corner index, from 0 to 3. Out-of-range values return NAN.
The corner.

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