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Spinner.ChangeDispatcher Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

Dispatcher for the "onChange" message for the Spinner control.

The "add" method takes several delegate forms as input:

 void delegate (Spinner spinner, float value);
 void delegate (float value);

"spinner" is the spinner control that generates this message, while "value" is the new setting.

Public Types

typedef void(* aMethodA )(Spinner spinner, float value)
 A form of method call for the #ChangeDispatcher that takes two arguments.

typedef void(* aMethodB )(float value)
 A second form of method call that takes just one argument.

Public Member Functions

void add (aMethodA method)
 Add a method to the list that takes (Spinner spinner, float value) arguments.

void add (aMethodB method)
 Add a method to the list that takes (float value) arguments.

void notify (Spinner spinner, float value)
 Notify the methods that an event has occured.

Public Attributes

aMethodA[] methodas
 The list of first-form methods to call on notify.

aMethodB[] methodbs
 The list of second-form methods to call on notify.

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