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Control.DropDispatcher Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

A dispatcher for the drag and drop message.

The method forms for add are:

        void delegate (char [] [] files);
        void delegate (int x, int y, char [] [] files);

"files" is the list of filenames with full path dropped on the control. "x" and "y" are the coordinates of the mouse in this control when dropped.

Public Types

typedef void(* cMethodA )(char[][] files)
 The form of a registered method.

typedef void(* cMethodB )(int x, int y, char[][] files)
 Explicit form.

Public Member Functions

void add (cMethodA method)
 Add a method to the list and enable dropping.

void add (cMethodB method)
 Add a second-form method to the list and enable dropping.

void notify (int x, int y, char[][] files)
 Notify the methods that an event has occured.

void empty ()
 Remove all methods and stop allowing drop.

void enable ()
 Enable acceptance of drop.

void disable ()
 Disable acceptance of drop.

Public Attributes

cMethodA[] methoda
 The list of methods called by notify.

cMethodB[] methodb
 Second list of methods called by notify.

Member Function Documentation

void Control.DropDispatcher.enable  ) 

Enable acceptance of drop.

This is automatically called when a method is added.

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