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TreeBox.TextFolder Class Reference

Inherits TreeBox.Folder.

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Detailed Description

A folder with text label columns.

Public Member Functions

 this (char[][] list)
 Assign the list, non-copying.

char[] columnText (Column column)
 Return a column's text value.

int compare (ListBox.Row other, Column column)
 Perform a capitalization-aware text comparison.

int height ()
 Return the height of the row in pixels.

void displayColumn (Column column, int x, int y, int width)
 Draw a single column at the specified location.

Public Attributes

char[][] list
 Column values.

Member Function Documentation

void TreeBox.TextFolder.displayColumn Column  column,
int  x,
int  y,
int  width

Draw a single column at the specified location.

The default draws nothing.

column The column to display.
x The horizontal coordinate to start the column.
y The vertical coordinate to start the column.
width The width in pixels of the space the column is given.

Reimplemented from ListBox.Row.

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