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TransformContorter Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Transform with a matrix.

The response of this when applied to bitmap points may be confusing. Think of it this way: if you scale a coordinate by 10%, that makes the bitmap ten times larger by focusing on a smaller area.

Public Member Functions

 this (Contorter *con)
 Registers the eval method with the contorter.

void identity ()
 Resets the matrix to identity.

void scale (float x, float y)
 Scale the matrix by an amount.

void blowup (float x, float y)
 Scale the matrix by an inverse amount.

void translate (float x, float y)
 Translate the matrix by an amount.

void rotate (float angle)
 Rotate the matrix around (0, 0) using degrees.

void rotate (float angle, float x, float y)
 Rotate the matrix around a specific point using degrees.

void multiply (float mxx, float mxy, float mxp, float myx, float myy, float myp)
 Multiply the matrix by another matrix.

void eval (inout float x, inout float y)
 Apply the matrix to the point.

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