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Registry Member List

This is the complete list of members for Registry, including all inherited members.
digPlatformToFloat(inout char[] s, out float v)Registry [protected, static]
digPlatformToInt(inout char[] s, out int v)Registry [protected, static]
loadColor(char[] name, out Color data)Registry
loadFloat(char[] name, out float data)Registry
loadFont(char[] name, out Font data)Registry
loadInt(char[] name, out int data)Registry
loadString(char[] name, out char[] data)Registry
loveColor(char[] name, inout Color color, bit load)Registry [protected]
loveFloat(char[] name, inout float value, bit load)Registry [protected]
loveFont(char[] name, inout Font font, bit load)Registry [protected]
loveInt(char[] name, inout int value, bit load)Registry [protected]
loveString(char[] name, inout char[] value, bit load)Registry [protected]
saveColor(char[] name, Color data)Registry
saveFloat(char[] name, float value)Registry
saveFont(char[] name, Font font)Registry
saveInt(char[] name, int value)Registry
saveString(char[] name, char[] data)Registry

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