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ListBox.Column Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An individual column.

Public Member Functions

void sort ()
 Sort the rows on this column.

void sort (bit reversed)
 Sort the rows on this column.

int columnIndex ()
 Return the index of this column when created.

int orderedIndex ()
 Return the ordered index of this column.

int offsetx ()
 Return the x offset of this column.

bit insidex (int x)
 Return whether this x point is within the column.

Public Attributes

ListBox control
 Link back to the list box.

char[] name
 Name of the column.

bit reversed
 If true, use reversed sorting order.

float width
 Current width in pixels.

Member Function Documentation

void ListBox.Column.sort bit  reversed  ) 

Sort the rows on this column.

reversed If true, reverse the sorting order.

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