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Label Class Reference

Inherits Control.

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Detailed Description

This widget shows a line of text.

Until explicitly given, the size of this widget depends upon the length and height of the text within it.

Public Member Functions

 this (Control parent)
 Register with the parent and create the widget.

void caption (char[] text)
 Set the text caption.

void font (Font font)
 Change the font; passing null has no effect.

Font font ()
 Get the font.

void alignLeft (bit value)
 Set the text to left align within its width or center if false.

void alignRight (bit value)
 Set the text to right align within its width or center if false.

void enabled (bit value)
 Set whether this is active (true) or grayed and inactive (false).

void recalculate ()
 Perform size esimate recalculation.

Member Function Documentation

void Label.caption chartext  []  ) 

Set the text caption.

This can modify the width and height.

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