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ImageLoader Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An image loader.

Public Member Functions

 this ()
 Register the loader.

char[] name ()
 The type that this loads (for example, "PiNG").

char[] exts ()
 Semicolon-separated, wildcard-using extensions that match this type.

float match ()
 Get the amount this stream matches the loader, from 0 (not at all) to 1 (completely).

void load ()
 Load the stream that you've previously identified.

Static Public Member Functions

ImageLoader detect (char[] filename, Stream stream)
 Search through the registered loaders and return the best matching loader for this file or null if there is none.

Public Attributes

char[] filename
 Loaded by the file matcher.

Stream stream
 Loaded by the file matcher.

ImageFile image
 Image file being loaded.

Static Public Attributes

ImageLoader[] digCommonList
 Various type loaders.

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