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Frame Class Reference

Inherits Control.

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Detailed Description

The base window class.

The window resizes according to the size and orientation of its content, sizing so that there's ten pixels empty on each side. Assigning the width and/or height directly stops this behaviour for that axis.

Public Member Functions

 this (Control parent)
 Create the window.

 this ()
 Create the window with no parent (a top-level window).

 this (MenuBar menu)
 Create the window with a menu.

Color backgroundColor ()
 Get the background color.

Control findFrame ()
 This version returns this.

void caption (char[] text)
 Set the titlebar caption.

void bringToFront ()
 Bring this window to the front.

void display ()
 Display the window.

void hide ()
 Hide the window so that it is not displayed.

void close ()
 Close the window.

void showModal ()
 Receive and dispatch messages for the window.

void captionbar (bit value)
 Set whether there should be a caption bar on the window.

void maximizable (bit value)
 Set whether the maximimize box should be displayed.

void minimizable (bit value)
 Set whether the minimize box should be displayed.

void resizable (bit value)
 Set whether this window is resizable.

void sysmenu (bit value)
 Set whether the system menu should be displayed.

void childWindow (bit value)
 Set whether this is a child window that runs in its parent's frame (true) or an independent window that runs at the top level (false, default).

void icon (Bitmap bitmap)
 Assign the icon for the window.

Static Public Member Functions

 this ()
 Setup the GUI class for windows.

void quit ()
 Quit the program.

Public Attributes

Dispatcher onClose
 Sent when the window or application should terminate.

Dispatcher onMaximized
 Sent when this window has been maximized.

Dispatcher onMinimized
 Sent when this window has been minimized.

Dispatcher onActive
 Window has been made current.

Dispatcher onInactive
 Another window has been made current.

Dispatcher onResized
 Window has been resized or restored after being minimized.

Member Function Documentation

void Frame.close  ) 

Close the window.

This is necessary if this is the modal window (if the showModal method has been called).

Reimplemented from Control.

void Frame.icon Bitmap  bitmap  ) 

Assign the icon for the window.

Under Windows, the opacity channel is used to create the transparency bitmap by making the pixel opaque if it's closer to opacity than it is to transparency, or transparent otherwise. The default icon is system-selected, and can be reverted to by passing null to this method.

Member Data Documentation

Dispatcher Frame.onClose

Sent when the window or application should terminate.

When empty, the window is deleted if it's not the first-created window; if it is, the application is exited with value 0.

Dispatcher Frame.onResized

Window has been resized or restored after being minimized.

x and y are the dimensions of the new size asked for.

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