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FileSelector Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The file selector opens up an OS-specific file selection dialog for saving or loading a file or files.

For example, this puts up a file selector for a set of image files:

 char [] [] selectImages ()
     with (new FileSelector (false))
         multiSelect = true;
         addFilter ("All Files", "*");
         addFilter ("Image Files", "*.png;*.jpg;*.jpeg");
         return run ();

Public Member Functions

 this (bit save)
 Set save mode.

 this (Control parent, bit save)
 Set the parent and save mode.

void addFilter (char[] desc, char[] pattern)
 Call addFilter (desc, pattern, false).

void addFilter (char[] desc, char[] pattern, bit isdefault)
 Add a file filter.

void customFilter (char[] desc)
 Call customFilter (desc, null, false).

void customFilter (char[] desc, char[] pattern)
 Call customFilter (desc, pattern, false).

void customFilter (char[] desc, char[] pattern, bit isdefault)
 Set the custom filter.

char[][] run ()
 Open up the file selector and start selecting.

char[] runSingle ()
 Open the file selector and start selecting.

Public Attributes

Control parent
 The control spawning this selector or null if none; this has no effect to my knowledge.

Filter[] filters
 The list of filters registered with addFilter.

int defaultFilter
 The default filter index, 0 for the custom filter, or an index into filters plus one.

Filter custom
 The custom filter that holds what filter the user enters into the selection editor.

char[] title
 The text to use in the title bar of the selector, or null for some default.

char[] filename
 The default filename to insert in the edit box.

bit multiSelect = false
 Whether this is a multiple-file selector.

bit createPrompt = false
 If the user selects a file that doesn't exist, whether to give an "Are you sure?" message.

bit fileMustExist = true
 Display a warning if the user selects a nonexistent file.

bit showReadOnly = false
 Show a read-only checkbox.

bit overwritePrompt = false
 If this is a save dialog, ask whether the user wants to overwrite this.

bit pathMustExist = true
 Display a warning if the user selects a nonexistent path.

bit save = false
 Save mode if true, open mode if false.

Member Function Documentation

void FileSelector.addFilter chardesc  [],
charpattern  [],
bit  isdefault

Add a file filter.

The desc is some description (such as "Text Strings") while the pattern is a set of semicolon-separated wildcard filters (such as "*.txt;*.doc;*.bak") that are matched case-independent. If isdefault is true, this is made the default filter on startup.

void FileSelector.customFilter chardesc  [],
charpattern  [],
bit  isdefault

Set the custom filter.

This is the filter the user writes to when he inputs some wildcard in the selection editor.

See also:

char [][]  ) 

Open up the file selector and start selecting.

If the user hit cancel or some benign error occured, this returns a null array. Otherwise this returns a list of selected files with full paths.

char [] FileSelector.runSingle  ) 

Open the file selector and start selecting.

Returns null if it was aborted, or the name of the first file if it was successful.

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