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EditText Class Reference

Inherits Control.

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Detailed Description

A widget that provides a single-line text editor.

Whenever the text is changed, the onChange dispatcher is notified. This dispatcher accepts:

 void delegate ();
 void delegate (char [] text);

Public Member Functions

 this (Control parent)
 Register with the parent and create the editor.

void text (char[] string)
 Set text.

char[] text ()
 Get text.

bit getFloat (out float value)
 Get text as floating-point value, return whether it worked.

void bordered (bit value)
 If set, put a border around the control (the default is false).

void enabled (bit value)
 Set whether this is active (true) or grayed and inactive (false).

void multiline (bit value)
 Set whether this is a multiple-line edit box (true) or a single line editor (false).

Static Public Member Functions

 this ()
 Setup the expression evaluator and the window class.

Public Attributes

ChangeDispatcher onChange
 Notified when the edit text has been modified.

Member Function Documentation

bit EditText.getFloat out float  value  ) 

Get text as floating-point value, return whether it worked.

This handles all forms of float, all input forms of D, and common expressions (+, -, *, /, and **), and bracket nesting.

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