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Control.OS.Process Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A system process.

This is here to allow parallel controlled execution of subsidiary processes as well as debugging.

Public Member Functions

 this (char command[], char args[][])
 Create a process.

int finish ()
 Unpause the process if it is paused, and then wait until the process is finished and return its exit code.

bit wait (int milliseconds)
 Unpause the process and then wait for it for a number of milliseconds.

bit paused ()
 Return whether this process is paused.

void paused (bit value)
 Assign whether to pause execution of the process or continue it.

Static Public Member Functions

DebugEvent waitForDebugEvent (int milliseconds)
 Wait for a debug event for a number of milliseconds.

Member Function Documentation

bit Control.OS.Process.paused  ) 

Return whether this process is paused.

Initially the process is paused.

Control.OS.Process.this char  command[],
char  args[][]

Create a process.

The process will be paused; use "paused (false)" to start it.

command The path and filename of the executable. This is either an absolute path or searched using whatever path settings are made for this operating system. You can control other parameters by prefixing characters to the command. Prefixing "%" shows a command window. "$" debugs the process.
args A list of arguments passed to the command.

bit Control.OS.Process.wait int  milliseconds  ) 

Unpause the process and then wait for it for a number of milliseconds.

Returns whether the process is not finished.

DebugEvent Control.OS.Process.waitForDebugEvent int  milliseconds  )  [static]

Wait for a debug event for a number of milliseconds.

Note that if you are debugging a process you just created, you have to unpause it first using paused (false).

milliseconds The number of milliseconds to wait, or zero to check if there is a waiting event and return that.
Returns a new debug event or null if none occured before the timeout.

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