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dig Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BindingListA set of dispatchers associated with keyboard events
BindingList.BindingA single binding for a BindingList
BitmapA 2d matrix of RGBA values
Bitmap.SegmentA polygon edge and scan state
box2A two-dimensional bounding box
box3A three-dimensional bounding box
BrushA brush returns a color from a given point
BrushBitmapA brush that returns samples from a bitmap from its evaluator
BrushBlendA blending brush that takes any number of input brushes and layers them together
BrushBlend.LayerAn individual layer structure
BrushColorThis brush returns a single color from its evaluator
BrushFilterApply a convolution filter to an input brush
BrushGradientA linear or radial gradient
BrushNoiseModulate the input by random noise
ButtonThis widget is a push button with a text or bitmap label
CanvasA user-drawn object
CanvasGLThis creates a frame which holds an OpenGL context
CheckBoxThis widget has a toggleable checkbox and a text label
ClipboardThe clipboard control, statically singleton instantiated in Control.clipboard
ColorAn RGBA color
ColorSelectorProduces a dialog that allows the user to select a color
ComboBoxA combination editor widget, also known as a drop-down box
ContorterA list of delegates that takes a point and contorts it
ControlThe base GUI widget class
Control.DropDispatcherA dispatcher for the drag and drop message
Control.OSA static class for operating system calls
Control.OS.ProcessA system process
Control.OS.Process.DebugEventA debug event created by waitForDebugEvent
Control.SearchList files in a directory ("." and ".." are not included)
Control.SearchFileFile found from searching
DispatcherA set of delegates that are notified when a Control event is activated
EditTextA widget that provides a single-line text editor
EditText.ChangeDispatcherHandles the EditText.onChange dispatching
EventAn event sent to a Dispatcher
ExpressionEvaluatorA quick expression evaluator
FileSelectorThe file selector opens up an OS-specific file selection dialog for saving or loading a file or files
FileSelector.FilterAn individual filter registered with addFilter
FontAn OS-specific font object with some public parameters
FontSelectorThe font selector brings up an OS-specific dialog to select a font and its parameters
FrameThe base window class
GLThe base OpenGL wrapper class, with a singleton in gl
GL.GLErrorThe error class thrown by GL
GLlightA buffered light
GLlistA display list object
GLtextureA texture object
GroupBoxThis widget wraps its contents with an inset line and a textual description
ImageFileAn abstract interface for loading images
ImageLoaderAn image loader
LabelThis widget shows a line of text
ListBoxA list of items that can be selected from, with a set of columns
ListBox.ColumnAn individual column
ListBox.RowAn item in the list
ListBox.TextRowA row with text columns
mat2A 2x2 matrix
mat3A 3x3 matrix
mat4A 4x4 matrix
MenuA menu pseudo-widget
MenuBarA menu bar for frames
obb3An oriented three-dimensional bounding box
PaneA sub-table element for grid-fitting, used for making more complex layouts
plane3A three-dimensional plane
quat3A quaternion object
RadioButtonThis control provides a text label with a button beside it that has on or off state - traditionally a circle with a black dot in it and an empty circle respectively
RadioGroupThis provides a tool for organising sets of RadioButton
ray3A three-dimensional ray (origin plus direction)
RegistryA singleton class for registry access
RotateContorterRotate around a point
ScintillaTextA Scintilla ( syntax-highlighting text editor control
sphere3A three-dimensional sphere
SpinnerA spinner is an editor with a up/down button to the right of it and optionally a caption to the left
Spinner.ChangeDispatcherDispatcher for the "onChange" message for the Spinner control
SwimContorterPerturb according to a sin wave
TransformContorterTransform with a matrix
TreeBoxA tree display
TreeBox.FolderA folder in the tree box
TreeBox.RowA row in the tree box
TreeBox.TextFolderA folder with text label columns
TreeBox.TextRowA text row for the TreeBox control
vec2A 2d float point
vec3A 3d float point
vec4A 4d float point

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